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Dias Slimline robe doors

Dias Slimline Robe Doors

The robe doors panels come with a concealed large 41mm diameter round-tyred rollers, combined with a strong metal adjustment bracket, ensure quiet operation and more roller adjustment than is ever likely to be needed. Open design and construction enables easy cleaning.
Together with a solid bottom rail and V-grooved bottom track they strength and durability, eliminating roller side play, resulting in a smooth sliding operation.
Frame Colours available:
  • White
  • Chrome
  • Matt Silver
  • Almond Cream
Infill Options available:
  • Mirror
  • Vinyl gyprock
  • White vinyl back glass
  • Red vinyl back glass
  • Black vinyl back glass
  • Woodgrain panels
  • Slimline tracking and jambs only measure 57mm in width
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Concealed 41mm diameter rollers and brackets for quiet operation and ease of adjustment
  • Design-registered anti-jump device prevents door panels from jumping off the track
  • Matching infill buffers on grip stile
  • Continuous finger grip on all panels
  • Foot-friendly, easy to clean track
  • Solid bottom rail facilitating a fully concealed roller assembly

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