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Semi Frameless Shower Screens Perth

If you’re still trying to decide between installing a framed glass shower screen and a frameless glass shower screen, why not choose the middle ground and consider a semi frameless option?

Semi frameless shower screens offer the best of both – the stability of a traditional framed shower screen with the stylish and modern good looks of a frameless glass shower screen.

What’s the Difference?

Semi frameless shower screens typically have an aluminium frame at the top and bottom for stability, but the door is frameless. This gives an appealing slimline silhouette and clean lines.

It’s also a more cost effective option than a frameless shower screen while still providing a fresh, contemporary look.

The panels are made from safe and durable 6mm thick, toughened glass and can be customised and configured to suit your bathroom.

Choose Your Door Style

You can choose from a sliding glass door or a hinged, pivoting door, depending on the look you’re after.

Our pivoting door option is capable of a 180 degree door swing, allowing it to swing inwards or outwards. Our sliding door option features a thick, polished edge door with two rollers at the top and two at the bottom for smooth and easy movement.

Choose your Panel Style

At Just Glass, we have a range of standard sliding or pivoting door semi frameless glass shower screens, or we can customise yours in a variety of ways to suit your requirements.

Our pivoting door has a “positive close” pivot system, allowing for quiet closing and opening of the shower door. The bottom frame provides a 25mm water dam to keep water from flowing onto your bathroom floor if the drain becomes blocked, and the corners are watertight to prevent leaks.

If you choose the sliding door semi-frameless shower, you can select a variety of configuration options including a single door between two walls or a double-doored corner entry shower screen. The door has quick release buttons on the bottom rollers for easy removal and cleaning.

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