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Fully Framed Sliding Shower Screens

The Fully Framed sliding shower’s frame design allows for a practical look to match any modern bathroom while still being at an affordable price.
The Fully Framed sliding shower is a fully aluminium framed shower covering all glass edges, 2 rollers per door panel and specially designed bottom guides to allow easy to move glass sliding door panel movement.
Water resistance: this shower is designed with overlapping door gaps and the purpose designed sill allows water run off to direct back in to the shower area.
Medium maintenance designed sill and easy to adjust rollers.
Standard stocked Colours available:
  • White
  • Chrome
  • Matt silver
  • Almond cream
Glass Options Available:
  • 5mm Clear toughened
  • 6mm Spotswood / cathedral OBS toughened
  • 6.38mm Translucent laminate
  • 6mm Acid etch toughened
IS designed to meet the Australian standards As2208 and As1288 

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