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Glass Shower Screens

Today’s glass shower screens come in many different designs in clear, tinted or frosted glass, and can be customised to add your own style and elegance to your bathroom. Made with toughened or tempered glass, they’re strong, safe and easy to keep clean to give you many years of low maintenance.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shower Screen

There are many styles of shower screens from which to choose and it can seem a little overwhelming, but there some things you’ll need to consider before you buy:

  • It must be made from Grade A safety glass with a minimum thickness of 5mm for framed screens, 6mm for semi framed screens, and 10mm for frameless shower screens.
  • The size of your bathroom and the amount of space you have can determine which style you choose. Frameless shower screens in clear glass can give the illusion of more space.
  • Choose a screen that’s easy to maintain and keep clean – pivoting shower screen doors are the easiest because they don’t need tracks to slide on.

Types of Shower Screens

There are three basic types of glass shower screens that can all be customised to your own personal taste and decorating style.


Framed shower screens have an aluminium frame around the glass panels and come in your choice of sliding or pivoting doors. There are also some that have a curtain rod instead of a door if you prefer to use a shower curtain.

Semi Frameless

Semi frameless shower screens, as the name suggests, have a frame around the top of the glass panels with frameless pivoting or sliding doors. They offer the strength and safety of framed shower screens but with less bulk and a slimline silhouette.


Frameless shower screens offer clean lines and elegant style while still being strong and durable. You can choose from a single frameless panel for a super minimalist look or a frameless shower cubicle with a hinged door and a choice of stylish door handles.

Professional Shower Screen Installation

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