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More Just Glass Services

Door Roller Replacements

We can replace most sliding door rollers with new. If your door isn’t rolling smoothly, seems jumpy on movement, wobbles or hard to close… Likely the rollers are the problem.

Robe Door Repairs

If your robe door is not rolling properly, has come apart or needs mirror / infill replaced we can help you. These can often be done onsite or either wise bring them to us and we can sort it out for you.

Shower Door Repairs

Shower screens see daily wear and constant punishment making them fail often within 3-6 years of install depending on how often its used and treated. As long as it isn’t a boxed shower screen we can likely help you get the parts needed to extend the life of your shower screen without the need of a new one. We can also help with the glass replacement of a broken panel and help getting looking as close as new as we can.

Sliding Door stainless steel replacement tracks

Often if your sliding door isn’t maintained and adjusted often they can destroy the bottom sliding track stopping the door from functioning correctly and damaged rollers. If your door is going through a new set of rollers every 3-6months than likely it’s time for a new sliding door stainless steel replacement track. These can be fitted without the need for a new sliding door although if left too long may not be a usable option, best to get done at first signs excessive roller replacements

Timber Door Lock Repairs

Although we primarily do aluminium and glass products we can also replace timber door handles/ locks and deadbolts while onsite as well. We can also key them to your existing key. We can also install dead bolts and latches

Window Lock Replacements

Windows locks often can break and stop locking. These can be hard to track down. We have an extensive knowledge of the different windows in the WA market and can help you get the parts you need to get it fixed or replaced. If we don’t have it we often can send you to the right person who does.

Window Roller Replacements

We stock a variety of window rollers, often if we don’t have it we can order it in promptly. Often the first signs of needing new rollers are that the slider becomes hard to slide or becomes bumpy as it rolls along. It is always better to get these sorted before they wear out your window sliding tracks which can get costly.

Window Rubber / Seals Replacements

Often windows leak water due to short rubbers due to sun exposure or rubbers that have gone brittle to the climates making them no longer water tight, most often these can be sorted cheaply but unfortunately some models and older windows can get costly with plastic beads needing to be ordered. Neither the less options are available for any window type.

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