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Glass Mirrors

In today’s ever changing environment it’s hard to decide on the right type of mirror for bathroom, en suite or full sized mirror in your bedroom.
Thankfully there is a variety of options to choose from
  • Fully Framed mirrors
  • Slimline framed mirrors
  • Polished edge mirrors
  • Bevelled edge mirrors – 10mm to 40mm Bevels available
  • Double bevelled edge mirrors
  • Pattern etched mirrors
  • Mirror splashbacks
  • Circle mirrors
  • Oval mirrors
These can range from 4-6mm thick mirrors depending on the installation method needed or location used. Rest assured they are installed and manufactured in Perth to meet Australian standards.
Mirrors can also come in different coloured glass:
  • Silver back (standard)
  • Bronze
  • Grey
Installation methods can also change:
  • Glue fixed (the most common today being glued to the wall so no mounting fixings shown)
  • Mechanical fixings (this can include mirror clips, snap caps or 10mm-50mm standoff brackets)
  • Shadow boarding (glued to raised surface giving the illusion of a floating mirror)

Size dimensions

All Custom sizes , made to order in Western Australia

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