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About Our Pet Doors

When the furry members of the family want in or out, they need an appropriately elegant, and functional, pet door. Just Glass Pty Ltd is here to help with a selection of the finest pet doors for the fussiest of paws and claws. Save your existing door from those furry hints about getting let in or out, too!

Our Pet Door Range

We have the latest modern doors for even the most style-conscious dogs and cats:

  • Glass Fitting Catwalk: For the cat or small dog who needs a good looking, high-tech personal door, these Glass Fitting Catwalk doors are perfect. Complete with self-closing magnetic strip, four-way locking, and made of tough polycarbonate, your furry guy is ready to roll!
  • Petaway Cat and Small and Medium Dog Glass Doors: This is a mid-sized Australian made security pet door with all the modern conveniences. This door also includes a magnetic self-closing strip, four way locking, soft flaps, and is easy to install. Perfect for the pet who has everything, and very robust, it’s great for even really energetic pets.
  • Catwalk Timber Cat Door: Made for installation in timber or thin panel doors, these Catwalk pet doors offer good access combined with practical solutions. The four way locking system is used to manage access for even the most adventurous, types of cat.
  • Glass multi-magnetic catwalk: This door offers a very practical security option for pet doors. A magnet is attached to the pet’s collar so that when the cat has entered, the door automatically closes. This prevents intruders using the door, too.

Catwalk Round Glass Pet Doors

Square Glass / Security Pet Doors

Catwalk Timber Door Pet Door

Ask Us about Pet Doors

Pet doors are one of our most popular products. Talk to our pet-loving team about your choice of pet doors, installation, and all the product features. We’ll be happy to assist and provide practical solutions. Call us on (08) 9250 5580 or message us online for all the services you need.

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