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Perforated Security Door

Perforated Security Door

Perforated screens are a rather new product on the market for the last 5 years and proven to be secure and superior in strength to the grille security doors with their black powder coated 2mm thick aluminium alloy sheets. This product was introduced onto the market to replace the grille door in superior performance but be a cheaper option to the stainless steel security door in price and strength.
The SCREENGUARD Products look more stylish and sleek in design but just as strong. As a factory standard all our security doors come with a 6 point security system and a lock capable of being deadlocked with the key so keeping intruders out and the little ones inside.
Sliding security doors come with 4 rollers, a triple lock set with lock capable of being deadlocked with a key and depending on your sliding door frame an interlock on the non-lock side making it much harder to remove it off its tracks.
Benefits of a perforated security door:

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • SCREENGUARD is designed for the Australian climate
  • Looks just like a flydoor but much stronger without the grilles and bars
  • Capable of leaving the security door locked with the key in deadlock mode to
  • Enjoy the fresh air outside without reducing your view
  • Superior strength and construction via its 3 point internal rib design giving an additional resistance against mesh removal by an intruder
  • Meets Australian standard AS1530.4-2005 which is designed to test a security door against a stimulated and intense attack using force to gain entry through your security door or security window screen
    • Passed the Dynamic impact test
    • Passed the anti-jemmy test
    • Passed the knife shear test
    • Passed the pull test
    • Passed the probe test

Optional extras

  • Some door keys can be keyed to work on the security door lock also allowing less keys
  • Sliders can have an optional auto door closer
  • DVA Mesh option

Please note:  *DVA mesh is a one way view mesh which works on optical illusion of light. Ie if light is on both sides of the door you can see outside and someone can see inside, if you have light on inside and not outside than someone can see inside but you can’t see outside, if light is on outside but not on inside than no one can see inside your home and you can see them.*

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