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Commercial Door

Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors are a popular door option for many residential home renovations and remain the standard install for all commercial buildings for their heavy duty construction and durability.
They can be done as a single door or double door options and our commercial door products can be made from our slimline 45mm x 68mm door stiles but can also be made to the heavy duty 45mm x 114mm stiles, giving peace of mind for the durability and longevity of your next home improvement or shop front installation.
Due to being a commercial frame the installation options and fixed panel / door configurations can be tailored to suit any design requirement
  • Commercial grade aluminium framing
  • Commercial grade locks and hinges
  • Can be done in Single glazed safety glass or doubled glazed safety glass panels (depending on frame used)
  • Available in a variety of colours
Optional Extras
  • Twin bolt lock option.
  • Block locks
Services We Also Provide
  • General door servicing (come out re-tighten everything/ lube up all moving parts including lock and readjust anything needed)
  • Lock replacement
  • Hinge replacements
  • Pivot door adjustments
  • Pivot door closer replacements
  • Pivot door pivot Pin bracket repairs / replacement
  • Door closer adjustments
  • Door closer replacements
  • Aluminium Door resizing (if the door is unable to be adjusted and is scrapping on the frame, a resize can be all that is required instead of a new door set)

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