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Commercial Door Repairs

Commercial Door Repairs

We specialize in many different types of Commercial door repairs.
Commercial buildings get high traffic/ high use and for this reason they wear much faster than a residential door set and often need 6monthly – yearly check-ups or a general service to keep them in premium working order. 
If the door seems to drag/scrap or wobble chances are it can be a simple service to get it back in working order before it fails or becomes a security risk or fails off completely.
Sometimes the closer can also wear out quickly due to high use and often doesn’t needing replacement but just needs an adjustment to keep them working correctly.
If you see any signs of oil coming out of the door closer it needs replacement immediately before it becomes dangerous to use or fails completely.
Some of the many services we can provide include:
  • General door servicing (come out re tighten everything/ lube up all moving parts + lock and readjust anything needed )
  • Lock replacement
  • Hinge replacements
  • Pivot door adjustments
  • Pivot door closer replacements
  • Pivot door pivot bracket repairs / replacement
  • Door closer adjustments
  • Door closer replacements
  • Aluminium Door resizing (if the door is unable to be adjusted and is scrapping on the frame, a resize can be all that is required instead of a new door set)

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