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Capral BST Sliding Windows

Capral BST Sliding Windows

The BST Sliding Window has a slim line aluminum frame and expansive window panels to enhance your standard of living.

The clean, clutter free internal and external appearance of the BST window provides a modern solution to suit the needs of your home and lifestyle.
The BST window also features a high quality modular roller system that has been designed to accommodate multiple rollers. This ensures the window glides open and closes smoothly and easily now and into the future.
Another important aspect of this window is the improved energy efficient design that will contribute to making your home environmentally smarter. Your local BST dealer can explain how this relates to your home and local area.
Be inspired by the best in style and technology.
Other BST features include
  • Molded santoprene gaskets and high performance brush seals which prevent air and water leakage
  • Your BST window is fitted with a standard latch or a key lockable latch
  • A top guide block prevents the window from rattling
  • A strong interlock mullion secures the panels when the window is closed
  • Optional anti-lift feature which is integrated into the window to ensure that it cannot be lifted out of its track
  • Configurations such as standard, bay, box bay and arched head
  • The option of ‘vent lock’ to allow airflow through your home, whilst keeping your window locked to prevent uninvited guests from entering your home
  • The ability to change the style of your window with the option of colonial bars for a more traditional look, or federation framing for a decorative feel
  • The choice of a range of anodized or powder coated Colours to suit the colour scheme of your home
  • The choice of numerous configurations which include two, three and four single height panels. See your local dealer for further details.

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