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Quality Sliding Doors in Perth

Aluminium sliding doors are a perfect option for achieving a sleek, modern finish and opening up your home to the outdoors without taking up valuable space inside or outside. It’s the ultimate choice when it comes to combining an elegant, minimalist style with practical functionality.

Unlike traditional timber-framed doors that rot and warp over time and old-style aluminium that corrodes, our modern aluminium sliding doors offer superior performance for a longer period of time. At Just Glass, we have been installing high quality sliding glass doors in homes across Perth for over 38 years.

Capral Mk5c Aluminium Sliding Door

Our sliding door installations involve using the very best products, such as the Capral Mk5c sliding door. When these sliding doors are closed, the broad expanses of glass, over 6 meters wide, give you uninterrupted panoramic views and floods your room with natural light. When opened, the doors slide neatly away, one behind the other, for the ultimate in alfresco entertaining.

From 2 to 6 panel configurations available and a variety of panel widths, the Mk5c sliding glass door is a superior choice for living areas when you’re after classy style and seek to maximize the use of available space.


  • Maximum recommended panel size 2499 high x 1200 wide or 2100 high x 1500 wide
  • Maximum top light panel size (when used as a fixed light) 1500 x 1200
  • Maximum door width with top light fitted is 3000mm using D6809 transom section


  • Standard glazing 5mm fully toughened glass
  • Optional glazing 6mm fully toughened glass or 6.38mm laminated glass
  • Optional double glazing Insert


  • Ratings from N1 to N6 (500 to 3000 Pa structural)
  • Maximum wind loading N5 (2200 Po) tested, N6 (3000 Pa)
  • Maximum water resistance performance with D9652 sump sill N6 (450 Pa)
  • Maximum water resistance performance with D7828 Multi-Stack sill N4 (200 Pa)
  • Maximum water resistance performance with D8546 Multi-Stack sill N5 (300 Pa)
  • (Test Report C0-005a)
    • Wheelchair Access Sill D7850 not water rated
    • Recommended maximum loading per roller 25kg (H095 standard roller)
    • 50kg optional heavy duty roller (H094) is available for larger doors

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