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Aluminium Bi Fold Glass Doors

Aluminium Bi Fold Glass Doors

Bifold Doors are one of the most popular and well known door design options on the market for any residential house or commercial building.
They are growing more and more popular for the ability to open up a room and allow maximum walking/open area and when closed, lock securely in place and not restricting your view.
At just glass we use a slim-line commercial Bi fold suite giving our customers the peace of mind that they are getting a well-designed, durable construction and long lasting Bi fold product with commercial grade hinges/locks and heavy duty rollers, giving years of use and long lasting life.
Design Features:
  • 25 customizable door configurations
  • Can be configured to suit indoor or inward opening doors
  • Easy care aluminium framing available in a variety of colours
  • Accepts glass thickness from 5mm – 24mm
  • Multiple choice of heads and sill tracks to suit any installation option
Optional Extras:
  • Removable head track gives
  • 50Kg hardware or 100Kg hardware (depends on door panel sizes)
  • Max overall unit height is 2700mm
  • Max door panel width is 1000mm
    • o AS 2047 – 2048 (Windows in buildings)
    • o AS / NZS 1170 (loading Code)
    • o AS /NZS 1664 (aluminium Structure Code)
  • Glass available in Single glazed or Double Glazed (depending of door stiles used)
  • Size limitations are governed by design intent, glass selection, and local wind load and defection requirements.
  • Bi-Folds are top hung and require a strong top fixing point i.e. steel lintel etc.

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